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Jenkins & Associates is a full service education, healthcare and management consulting firm which helps schools, businesses, healthcare organizations, community organizations and government entities nationwide realize their potential. Over 40 plus years of success speaks for itself.

J&A Advice:

When your organization is faced with problems that won't go away, a consultant may be your answer. In the long run, you can save time and money by sourcing the right assistance to help you overcome a current obstacle or avoid costly mistakes in the future.


A good consultant, looking at your situation objectively, should be able to identify and implement the solution to the problem more quickly and efficiently than you or your staff.


When you need an objective point of view, are very close to a situation, have a tendency to favor a predetermined solution, require special expertise, and/or seem to be operating in a crisis-management mode a consultant's services are probably a worthwhile investment.

About Us

The Jenkins & Associates Team

  • William I. Jenkins, President & Owner

    William I. Jenkins is a former healthcare executive and community leader with over 35 years of success in business leadership, development and execution of organizational strategy, and relationship-building. For the last seven years, he has leveraged his expertise and professional network in consulting with government, schools, businesses and healthcare firms as President of Jenkins & Associates LLC. As a Milwaukeean for 25 years, Mr. Jenkins holds a strong commitment to making the Greater Milwaukee area a better place to live: through a variety of community and business leadership positions, he adheres to his lifetime philosophy of using creativity, sound analysis, and team-building to achieve goals in a responsible and inclusive fashion.

    Prior to Jenkins & Associates, Mr. Jenkins spent thirteen years as an executive with Aurora Health Care, one of the largest and most innovative healthcare systems in the Midwest. During his tenure, he served as CEO of the then newly merged Mt. Sinai and Good Samaritan Hospitals, where he oversaw an annual operating budget of $400M and helped establish new initiatives in quality measurements as well as led the creation of the Milwaukee Heart Institute, a well- recognized leader in 1984. One of the keys to success, in his eyes, was successfully building a coalition of physicians and other professionals, business and community residents, and other stakeholders to help educate patients and optimize the hospitalís standing in the eyes of the people it served. Mr. Jenkins then led initiatives to improve system-wide operations as President of Alternative Delivery and Community Services; again, his leadership skills and focus on quality allowed streamlining and improvements across diverse business units such as occupational health, parish nursing, geriatric services, alternative medicine and behavioral services.

    Mr. Jenkins started his career in healthcare administration in Midwestern hospitals, where his performance led to increasing levels of responsibility in Cleveland (Metro Health; St. Lukeís Hospital), Indianapolis (Wishard Memorial Hospital/ IU Medical Center), and Milwaukee (Doyne Hospital/ Medical College of Wisconsin/ The Regional Medical Center).

    For Jenkins, helping to improve the community in which he lives is a way of life: he co-founded and still leads Transitions: Men of Tomorrow, a not-for-profit that focuses on developing young minority males. He led the development of a strategic plan to improve Milwaukee Public Schools. Including the prestigious Greater Milwaukee Committee, Jenkins also holds a number of other directorships, and has actively guest lectured on a number of both healthcare and educational related topics.

  • Jarrod G. Johnson FACHE, Associate (Healthcare Executive)
  • Nichelle L. Jenkins, Attorney/Clergy

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