Jenkins & Associates, LLC.

Jenkins & Associates is a full service education, healthcare and management consulting firm which helps schools, businesses, healthcare organizations, community organizations and government entities nationwide realize their potential. Over 40 plus years of success speaks for itself.

J&A Advice:

When your organization is faced with problems that won't go away, a consultant may be your answer. In the long run, you can save time and money by sourcing the right assistance to help you overcome a current obstacle or avoid costly mistakes in the future.


A good consultant, looking at your situation objectively, should be able to identify and implement the solution to the problem more quickly and efficiently than you or your staff.


When you need an objective point of view, are very close to a situation, have a tendency to favor a predetermined solution, require special expertise, and/or seem to be operating in a crisis-management mode a consultant's services are probably a worthwhile investment.

Coaching Services

Make Success A Part Of Your Career DNA!

CoachingJenkins & Associates has a coaching process which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client which address specific issues and developmental areas. Clients work with Jenkins & Associates to create action plans to enhance essential skills while maintaining demonstrated strengths.
Key objectives - Participants will:

  • Increase awareness of strengths and gaps between current performance and behaviors and proven leadership techniques
  • Improve interpersonal dynamics and skills for higher performance and improved outcomes
  • Build the leader's capacity and confidence to manage through challenging situations and to use the knowledge in different situations
Jenkins & Associates has special interest and experience in coaching minority leaders who often face subtle barriers. This includes taking better control of career paths, including negotiating the "informal system" by developing methods and action plans.


Elliott L. Moeser, Ph.D.
District Administrator
Nicolet High School District

"Dear Mr. Jenkins: Thank you for the outstanding work you provided the Nicolet High School staff on Monday, January 16,2006 on the subject of "Race, Teaching and Learning".

"Your presentation was well received by the staff and has provided a catalyst for numerous discussions among staff members on how to best serve Nicolet students."

"I view your presentation as the beginning of Nicolet turning to Jenkins & Associates for continuing assistance . "